Art Fair Features Participant Talents

Cabrini Art Fair - Lisa

Lisa began art school at the age of three, sang her way past adult competition to win a talent show at eight years old, and took home an award from a national art fair for a portrait she made at just 14. Today, Lisa is one of many PPL participants and residents sharing their talents at an upcoming art fair on August 29 put together by the team at PPL’s Cabrini Partnership Program.

“It’s great to be seen as more than just a resident here,” Lisa said. “Art is in everything, and I have always been an artist.”

While her future looked bright as an artist, obstacles got in her way. A few years ago, Lisa’s business endeavors fell apart, leaving her bankrupt, living in a shelter, and dealing with mental and physical health issues that kept her from sharing her art. While in the shelter, Lisa met staff from the Cabrini Partnership Program.

“I was thinking that they were just giving me a place to live, but they had more in mind,” Lisa remembers. “They were going to help me get my life back, and help me keep it forever. And I’ve got it back, seven times more!”

Part of Lisa’s transformation has come through the art fair, which first launched last summer.
“The art fair in 2013 was a big milestone for me,” Lisa said. “The staff at PPL kept telling me to stop hiding my talents in my apartment, so I went to show some of my drawings and paintings. I didn’t bring them to sell—I made them to decorate my apartment—but people bought them all!”

You’re Invited to the Art Fair

Friday, August 29 from Noon – 3 p.m.

PPL Brook Commons, 919 12th Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis, 55414

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