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At PPL, we create life-changing opportunities for families and individuals—your neighbors. Every day PPL demonstrates the power of healthy, safe homes, the importance of a prepared workforce, the strength of stable families, and the impact of kids with the resources needed to grow up great. Together these elements create a great ripple effect that results in stronger, more vital neighborhoods. You know. You’ve seen it. When good things happen for your neighbors, it’s good for your neighborhood. You as a PPL neighbor and donor are more important than ever to create ripple effects that help our community thrive.

The 13,000 people PPL works with are neighbors for all of us. Your gift to PPL will help your neighbors achieve greater self-reliance and improve our neighborhoods.

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When Phaedre’s husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she was overwhelmed and began drinking more and more. Eventually Phaedre sought help. Meanwhile, her husband’s health declined. Phaedre moved into Cabrini’s Transitional House after treatment, facing the challenge of building a new life while managing her chemical health and coping with the loss of a loved one.

Phaedre has worked to process her grief, maintain her sobriety, and prepare herself for the next chapter of her life. She has taken classes at the PPL Learning Center, completing PPL’s Healthcare Plus employment training program, and has begun taking college classes in preparation for a job search. She credits staff for creating a supportive environment.

“Not every resident knows my story, but staff do. They understand,” she said. “They really care about their residents.”

She says that, if she hadn’t come to the Cabrini Program after treatment, she would not be celebrating a year of sobriety this fall.

“I am in a better place,” she said. “It feels like home.”


Mark & Sharon

Mark and Sharon bought a large historic property in south Minneapolis years ago for them and their foster children to call home. As a painter, Mark spent a lot of energy fixing the house up, but they were unprepared when the boiler went out earlier this year. The family had been sleeping in the kitchen with the oven on and the oven door open to help them keep warm when they came to PPL for help.

Through PPL’s Foreclosure Prevention Repair Program funded by Wells Fargo, Mark and Sharon were able to have a new boiler installed along with several new radiators which had been missing since they purchased the home. Through PPL’s financial coaching services, they also created a manageable household budget that keeps them prepared for future unexpected household needs. Today, Mark and Sharon can heat their home, keep their foster children safe, and continue to restore the property to its original shine.



You wouldn’t know by Isabelle’s cheerful demeanor that she and her young family have experienced tough times. Just two years ago, Isabelle’s family of three was homeless. Crammed into whatever spaces were available in relatives’ homes, she and her husband longed for stability.

Now in a PPL apartment, the family has grown by one, and Isabelle has taken every opportunity to set them on a path to a strong future. Participating in PPL’s Train to Work-Healthcare clerical training last year, she completed a two-week internship at a local hospital. She impressed the management so much they interviewed her and offered her a part-time job. When a full-time opportunity with benefits came up in the hospital’s mail room, Isabelle was a shoe-in.

The family has come miles from where they were. “Back then, we were trying to find our way,” she said. “Now, we’ve been here for two years. We’re established, and our kids are happy.”

“We’re actually looking to buy a house soon,” she says with a smile. With an apartment of their own and Isabelle working full-time, the family is well on their way to a self-sufficient life.



It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago, Sue’s struggle with chemical dependency and mental illness had taken her job, her apartment, and nearly everything she owned. Certain she was going to lose her kids and even her life if she didn’t make a change, Sue sought treatment and then applied for a spot with PPL’s New Foundations Program.

“The staff here care about the whole person, they are here to support you every step of the way,” she said. From navigating therapy and medical appointments to school supplies, staff helped build a strong foundation for her family.

Now Sue’s week encompasses her kids’ homework, meetings, and the doctor and dentist appointments that are part of a healthy life. Best of all, her schedule includes classes at St. Paul College, where she’s close to achieving her associate’s degree. She plans to continue her education and pursue a career in counseling.

“I can’t even know what next year is going to be like. As long as I stay open and stay positive, it can be more than I ever imagined.”



Kayla is a resilient, hard-working fifth grader, even in the face of setbacks and coming from an early life of homelessness. She has shown great development in her academic and personal goals as a participant in a number of PPL Youth Development activities in the last five years. Consistently engaged, Kayla regularly demonstrates a personal drive to learn and seeks a supportive space and help with building her skills and completing her homework. She has even become a role model for other students, helping out younger students where she can. The fifth grader takes pride in being a “substitute” mentor for a kindergarten student and has exceeded staff expectations as a peer tutor-mentor, completing the daily checklist, reading, and literacy activities with the student she’s mentoring.

This year, Kayla was given a PPL Achievement Award for her exemplary work to achieve her personal goals and to give back to others in her community. She wowed the crowd of 250 people with her speech, which was a wonderful poem she wrote with the support of PPL staff and tutor/mentors.


Life is an opportunity; form it

Life is a benefit; use it

Life is a dream; realize it

Life is a challenge; overcome it

Life is a responsibility; complete it

Life is a game, so enjoy it

Life is a promise, so keep it

Life is love so embrace it

Life is family so love them

Because I sure do love mine.

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