Job Training That Works For All of Us

Notes from PPL President & CEO Paul Williams

In this newsletter, we’re highlighting some of PPL’s leading-edge employment readiness services, and with good reason.

Outside of having a place to live, few things are more essential to helping our participants build hope, assets, and self-reliance than learning the skills to get a good job. In this issue, you’ll read some great success stories. Carmen and Anwer went through a new program we’ve launched with Hennepin County and have new jobs with promising futures. Michael found two jobs he loves after working with a PPL employment coach, while the support of PPL staff helped Angela overcome adversity to find a career path that blends her personal passions with countless opportunities. Your support makes their success possible.

Your support for our employment readiness work is doing more than help people find jobs—it’s also helping fill our region’s critical, and evolving, workforce needs. We’re expected to have a dramatically different workforce in the coming years:

  • Our workforce needs more skills. By 2020, 74% of all jobs in Minnesota will require some type of post-secondary education or certification.
  • Our demographics are changing. By 2040, 40% of the Twin Cities population will be people of color. They will face one of the largest racial employment gaps of any large metro area in the country.
  • Our workforce is shrinking. Studies expect a labor shortage of 100,000 people in the Twin Cities by 2020. Employers are concerned they will have trouble finding enough qualified workers.

Many of the region’s leading economic development and business groups have been focused on these trends, placing a top priority on addressing the region’s changing workforce needs. We are right there with them. 

  • We’re closing the skills gap. PPL offers sector-specific job training and, with a growing set of programs in partnership with MCTC, participants can earn college credits when they complete the program.
  • We’re working to close the local employment gap for communities of color. More than 85% of PPL’s employment training participants are from communities of color. PPL has a long history of helping workers of color with lower incomes and few credentials build on the skills they have to find jobs they can build into careers.
  • We’re filling the need for new workers. PPL has been helping employer partners train people for high-demand positions in their industries for over 30 years, including the demand caused by the coming wave of retirements.

All of this directly benefits our community. For every dollar invested into our employment readiness programs, four dollars returns to the community. What’s more is that our participants are providing services we all need, going to work in our local banks, hospitals, government offices, and more.

Whether you’re a donor, a community partner, or a volunteer, your support really does makes all this possible. Thank you for helping create job opportunities in our community that change lives for the better.

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