PPL Computer Workshops

The Learning Center offers a COMPUTER LAB that is open to the public throughout the week as well as free computer workshops. Click to view the current MONTHLY WORKSHOP CALENDARCall to reserve a spot in class today!  Here are the computer workshops we offer:

  • 1:1 Computer Help: Receive individualized help with any of your computer skills questions. An instructor is available throughout this class to assist you 1:1.
  • Computer Basics 1: Intro Learn basic terms and software functions as well as how to use the mouse and save documents.  Skilled trainers allow for plenty of hands-on practice opportunities.
  • Computer Basics 2: Keyboarding Explore the keyboard and learn about special key functions and shortcuts. Practice correcting typing mistakes effectively and entering text into online forms. You’ll even take a typing assessment to see how many words-per-minute you can type, and those who want to improve their skills can sign up for online typing practice.
  • Computer Basics 3: Internet Learn to navigate web pages and search for information. You’ll learn everything from what the World Wide Web is and how to search for jobs to using Google Maps to find directions by car or bus.
  • Computer Basics 4: Email Learn how to organize your account, send professional email messages and attach documents such as your resume and cover letter to send to future employers.
  • Computer Basics 5: Online Learning Spend the first part of class learning how to use the internet and email safely and reduce the risk of identity theft and computer viruses. Afterward, spend time reviewing the concepts from Computer Basics 1 – 4 and preparing for certification assessments in Basic Skills, Internet and Using Email.
  • Computer Basics 6: Certification Now that you’ve completed the Computer Basic Series 1-5, show your future employer you have the computer skills they’re looking for! Take the proctored Northstar Digital Literacy Online Assessment. Pass at 85% and earn a certificate during class!
  • Excel 1: Beginner Learn the basics of how to set up personal budgets, spreadsheets for business and use basic formulas.
  • Excel 2: Intermediate Now that you’ve got the basics, take your Excel skills to the next level.  You’ll learn how to format cells, sort and filter data and much more.
  • Excel 3: Advanced Finish off the series by learning useful techniques such as creating pivot tables, conditional formatting with formulas, removing duplicate data and doing a monthly budget/spending plan. Excel 3 Practice Worksheet – used in class.
  • Google Drive Learn how you to easily create, share and edit documents online in this intermediate level workshop.
  • PowerPoint Basics Learn to create professional presentations for employment or education opportunities in this intermediate level workshop.
  • Word 1: Basic Formatting Formatting Learn the basics of Microsoft Word. Navigate the toolbar, use Word formatting tools such as bold, center and bullets and save and print files.
  • Word 2: Clipboard & Spellcheck Build on the basics by learning about the clipboard, setting page layout and using spelling and grammar check. Practice skills from the first two days by formatting a resume.
  • Word 3: Insert Tab & Assessment Finish off the Word series learning about the features of the Insert Tab. Demonstrate your mastery of Word by taking the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment!

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