Practice Computer Skills

Increasing Your Digital Literacy at the PPL Learning Center

Northstar Digital Literacy Standards (NDLS) Earn a certificate that shows employers what you know!  PPL’s Basic Computer Workshop Series 1-6 and 1:1 Computer Help workshops teach these skills and give you time to practice.  You can also Practice your skills here!

Once you learn enough to complete each assessment with at least 85% right, come to the Learning Center to take the proctored assessment.  Check out our MONTHLY WORKSHOP CALENDAR to reserve a spot today!

Mouse Practice

  • Mouse Exercises This link provides shorter practice exercises for clicking and drag and drop.
  • Basic Computer Skills This interactive program provides mouse and keyboard practice resources in English or Somali.

Improve your typing

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Internet Basics

  • Getting Started on the Web This site covers basic vocabulary, hyperlinks, URLS and more.
  • Internet Tutorials Interactive videos and activities on internet 101, web browsers, safety, Google, and social media.
  • Basic Internet Skills This interactive program introduces navigating, browsers, and search engines in English or Somali.


  • Email Basics Tutorials Interactive videos and activities on email 101, etiquette, and Gmail.
  • Email Account This interactive program covers creating an email account in English or Somali.
  • Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010 Often used in the workplace, learn how you can start working with emails, tasks or appointments, and calendars in Outlook.

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