The Road to Success

Kim participated in PPL’s Train to Work in Healthcare after a long career as a certified nursing assistant.

Kim and Tania took very different roads to get to PPL. After graduating PPL’s Train to Work in Healthcare class, both women are moving successfully down the same career path.

Growing up, Kim went to a school located across the street from a nursing home. She went often to visit residents and enjoyed being around the elderly. Kim decided to pursue a career in healthcare and has worked with seniors as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for over 25 years. She recently began to look for work at a hospital, which would offer a more regular schedule than her current job allowed.

Tania worked 80 hours a week in a restaurant to provide for her family. She wanted something more and dreamed of working in a hospital. Tania began taking nursing classes at MCTC while working long hours at the restaurant. With a full schedule, Tania began to look for a new job that offered a living wage that would allow her more time at home.

Both women found PPL’s Train to Work in Healthcare class while looking online for their next job. For both, it was an important step on their career path as healthcare professionals.

“It was good to brush up on medical terminology, which I took in college years ago,” Kim admits.

“The atmosphere of the class was great,” Tania said. “I learned how to communicate and overcame my fear of talking in front of people.”

PPL’s class provides free training specific to the healthcare industry, informed in part by local business partners, along with a stipend for class graduates and the opportunity for an on-the-job internship. Kim and Tania’s path continued in the same direction with internships at North Memorial Hospital.

Tania participated in PPL’s Train to Work in Healthcare class while studying to become a nurse.

“I knew it was hard to get a job in a hospital,” Kim said. “The internship was a great opportunity.”

“By partnering with PPL’s Train to Work program, both PPL and North Memorial benefit,” North Memorial’s Marcel Allen explains. “The individual participant receives valuable, real-life experiences in a healthcare setting. North Memorial is supplied with qualified candidates to meet our staffing needs and provides employment opportunities for those in the communities we serve.”

Six months after graduating the Train to Work class, both women have seen their new training and successful internships lead to the new hospital jobs they wanted. Both now work at North Memorial—Kim works as a CNA in neuroscience, Tania works in registration—and both have goals of finishing nursing school. For now, they are enjoying the additional benefits of their new jobs.

“My life feels much more stable with a set schedule at the hospital,” Kim said.

“I have more time for my family now, and less stress,” Tania said. “My 5 year old sees how working in a hospital makes me happy, and now he wants to be a doctor. I’m thankful for everything PPL taught me to accomplish this goal.”

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