Together We Kickstart Career Paths

Rebbecca ran into a dead end. Years of experience as a personal care assistant and nonprofit professional inspired her to pursue a degree in Human Services once her kids were grown. Six courses short of graduation, with financial aid, student loans, and personal resources expended, Rebbecca didn’t have the means to cover tuition costs. This left her searching for answers or another way to fulfill her dream of working in the field.
It ultimately led to her to PPL.

“I saw a flyer for this Human Services class at PPL,” Rebbecca remembered. “It was right up my alley.”

Rebbecca joined PPL’s nine month Human Services program. Graduates received professional training for positions in the Human Services field and hands-on experience at Hennepin County while earning college credits and a certificate for their coursework through Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Minneapolis Public Schools Adult Education.

“I didn’t know if I’d ever reach my goals,” Rebbecca said. “PPL gave me the chance to continue on my path.”

Completing the Human Services certificate training opened doors for Rebbecca, and she’s now working in the field helping others access resources to achieve stability.

“People come in and they’re trying to accomplish something. Sometimes they’re anxious or nervous,” Rebbecca said. “Knowing that I am part of the process to help them meet their needs is empowering.”

While she’s working in the field, Rebbecca plans to complete her bachelors degree in Human Services. The credits she earned in PPL’s program will help her get closer to that goal. Rebbecca’s children were also inspired to further their education—one even completed another job training program at PPL.


Rebbecca’s story is featured in our 2014 Annual Report.

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