Together We Make Housing for All

Alvin can’t believe his luck. He sees the start of everything—a day, a job, getting an apartment with PPL—as a chance to improve his life, and he’s had a lot of opportunity of late.

Living in PPL housing, Alvin credits staff with giving him the structure and support he needed to make a fresh start. PPL owns and/or manages over 1,100 units of quality affordable housing for people with low-incomes throughout the Twin Cities. Residents can also meet with PPL staff to maintain stable housing and work toward building brighter, more stable futures for themselves—something that’s been a meaningful resource for Alvin.

“Having my own place means a lot to me, and the staff have been really helpful,” Alvin said. “I don’t have family nearby, but I know I have someone that has my best interests at heart.”

Together with PPL, Alvin has worked to plan for the future and set goals like improving his income and saving up to buy a car. In the meantime, he has shown his dedication to providing for himself and sustaining stable housing without a car.

For many months, the chance to work required Alvin to commute an hour by bicycle through all sorts of weather, often beginning at 3 a.m. His positivity shone through as he arrived at work on time, ready to contribute, and found success on the job. After a long day’s work, often after overtime, Alvin pedaled home, happy to be working and earning a paycheck.

“Having the support of the whole PPL family made me a firm believer that tough times don’t last, but tough people do,” Alvin said. “It’s become my anthem.”


Alvin’s story is featured in our 2014 Annual Report.

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