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“I have this vision,” Liz said, “and in it I’m wearing a microphone.”

Recent public speaking opportunities have ignited a new passion for Liz. She’s been sharing her story with people in recovery groups, helping others along their paths. It’s an indication of where Liz sees herself going—and of how far she’s come, thanks to PPL.

Long-time struggles with chemical dependency and mental health issues once left Liz unable to provide for her kids. Family support eventually dried up too, leaving her without a place to go.

“My sister said that she was working harder at my life than I was,” Liz remembers. “She was right.”

Liz entered treatment, motivated to get her life back and give her kids something better. After completing treatment, she came to PPL’s New Foundations Program, which provides permanent, supportive housing to families while they address chemical and mental health issues.

“I didn’t know how supportive PPL would be,” Liz said. “There’s no place like this!”

With the stability of housing and services at PPL, Liz has been able to finish a college degree, build stronger bonds with her children, and develop skills she can use when life gets hard. Her success has made her an example for her neighbors, and beyond.

“I started speaking at treatment centers and found my voice,” Liz said. She hopes one day to be a professional public speaker, wearing a microphone headset to inspire large rooms of people. Until then, she knows she’s making an impact today.

“I speak about something I’m passionate about and it’s connecting with people in a very powerful way. I love that sharing my story helps others on their journey.”


Liz’s story is featured in our 2014 Annual Report.

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