Tracy: Launching careers as a PPL volunteer

Meet Tracy, featured PPL Volunteer. With more than 30 years of experience in human resources and career development, Tracy knows how to help someone land a great job. After retiring from Wells Fargo, Tracy wanted to continue using his skills and knowledge, but in a new capacity as a volunteer. A motto from his youth, “leave the campsite better than you found it”, had stuck with him, and he knew he wanted to give back to the community and leave the world a better place.

After learning about PPL through a merger with a community partner, Tracy first began speaking to banking classes about job opportunities in the financial services field, and served on PPL’s Education Committee. That was nine years ago.

Now, Tracy is a regular. He volunteers once a week in PPL’s Computer Access Lab at the Learning Center, helping community members with job searches, resume creation, and building their digital literacy skills. By tapping into his HR experience, Tracy helps job-seekers remove barriers standing between them and their new career.

“I volunteer with people who have the experience to do the job well, but might not have the digital or language skills to apply. My goal is to help them overcome that barrier to employment,” said Tracy. “PPL has strong programs that help people build both their skills and the confidence needed to enter the job market successfully.”

For Tracy, there’s also personal growth in being a volunteer. “I find it rewarding to help people unlock their skills and move forward,” said Tracy. “Volunteering also helps me meet and get to know new people who I wouldn’t otherwise know. I particularly admire the many immigrants I have met; they’ve given me a better understanding of what it means to be an immigrant today, and the challenges they face.”

As a volunteer for over seven years, Tracy’s contributions to PPL are vast. He is also a donor, supporting PPL programs with both his time and resources.

“What I like best about PPL is that they empower people. That’s the key for me. PPL services and programs are responsive to the people they serve. They provide wrap-around support to meet people where they’re at, so as to have the greatest impact.”


We are very grateful to Tracy for dedicating his time, resources, and years of experience to help PPL participants succeed. Thank you, Tracy!

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