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Employers, Patients Benefit from Employment Training Programs for Healthcare Positions

Your support of PPL gives people the chance to train for good jobs that can turn into great careers. Sherri (center) and two other employment training graduates are on the job at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Your support of PPL gives people the chance to train for good jobs that can turn into great careers. These graduates from PPL’s Healthcare PLUS training program are on the job at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

While facing a battle for her own health, Sherri was learning how to take care of others. She took part in PPL’s recent Healthcare PLUS training program, which prepared participants for hospital positions that provide administrative support for nurses. As a former nursing assistant, the program was a great fit for Sherri.

“I’m good with people, I have administrative skills, and I want the chance to interact with patients,” Sherri said. “This program allowed me to use all of my best qualities.”

As part of the class, participants received classroom training and hands-on experience at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. This helped Sherri and other PPL graduates excel after being hired.

“My coworkers are impressed with how prepared we were,” Sherri said. “It’s not rhetoric—PPL really prepared us to be successful.”

Sherri completed the program while facing her own medical challenges, battling serious illness while coming to class. Now working at the hospital, she is passing that courage on to others.

“Last week I got to sit and soothe and sing to a patient in distress,” Sherri remembered. “She was so uplifted by the time I left the room—she said I was her angel. That’s what my work is all about.”

The Healthcare PLUS program was created in partnership with Abbott Northwestern, in part due to outlooks like Sherri’s. The program was created to fill a growing need in hospital staffing. Having been connected with PPL for many years, the hospital was confident that graduates would be good candidates for their positions with the skills to do the job well, and much more.

“Graduates from PPL understand the need to give back to the community, to put patients first, to listen and understand the patient,” said Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Josine Durant. “Coming from PPL, they understand what it takes to make a difference in someone’s life.”

The opportunity to make a difference inspires Sherri to turn this job into a career. While her current role is primarily administrative, she plans to become a registered nurse.

“I like taking care of people,” Sherri said. “Being a patient myself, I want to have an impact on people’s lives in a healthcare setting.”

“The combination of working with the caring staff at PPL, the compassion & understanding of our instructors, and the skills taught TRULY resulted in a life-changing experience for me,” Sherri said. “A year ago, I was a full time patient… and now I am working in a hospital. Absolutely amazing!”



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