Voter Registration Efforts Serve Hundreds

Earlier this year, the PPL Board took an official position opposing the voter ID constitutional amendment. The amendment would have required all voters to present a valid photo identification to vote. A first for the Board, PPL’s decision to oppose the amendment was made in keeping with our mission to provide disadvantaged people with as much access to resources, processes, and tools that promote empowerment and growth, as possible.

Additionally, PPL took an active role in voter registration and education efforts, connecting with our affordable housing residents and program participants. Across the Twin Cities, program staff at service sites connected with participants joined forces with our Public Policy Team to knock on PPL residents’ doors to raise awareness about where and when to vote. On Election Day, onsite services staff coordinated rides to and from the polls for residents. At our housing in St. Louis Park, two vans carried 20 residents to the polls, including first-time voters. One woman in her mid-forties, said she was voting for the first-time as a birthday present to her mom—the only gift she’d asked for from her daughter at her recent birthday party.

Ultimately, PPL delivered 244 completed registrations to the Secretary of State’s office, and empowered residents to make their voices heard through the power of the vote.

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