What Jessica Knows

Volunteer Youth TutorJessica hadn’t had this much fun since she was a kid. A volunteer in PPL’s youth programs since 2006, she remembers a water game they played at last summer’s program called ‘Drip, Drip, Drop’ where she was unexpectedly ‘dropped’ on. By the end of the night, Jessica was thoroughly drenched and laughing heartily with the kids. It was a memorable night, but not her favorite part about being a volunteer.

“The most rewarding thing,” Jessica said, “is to know I am truly making an impact. It’s very gratifying to see the student I tutor continue to make progress on his reading benchmark scores.”

As a former teacher, Jessica knows the value of education—and consistency. Studies show how a student’s academic performance improves with regular tutoring from the same tutor. Now in her second year with the same student, Jessica is seeing this first-hand.

“I’ve been especially amazed by my student’s reading progress and willingness to really focus this year,” Jessica said. “I think this is due, in part, to the familiarity of working together for two years.”

Want to make an impact in the lives of youth?

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