PPL 2014 Results - For Web - Housing StabilityPPL offers a variety of onsite support services so our residents can gain the tools, resources, and supportive network they need to build brighter, more stable futures. Staff meet with participants to tailor services based on personal or household needs.

Cabrini Partnership: A PPL Program

The Cabrini Partnership program provides transitional housing and permanent supportive housing services designed to help adults manage mental health, maintain sobriety, and break the cycle of homelessness. Up to 23 residents with at least 30 days of sobriety can be served in Cabrini’s communal, transitional housing. Staff work with private landlords throughout Hennepin County to locate permanent housing for Cabrini’s supportive housing participants.

Self-Sufficiency Program

PPL’s longstanding support services program empowers residents in our affordable and supportive housing to determine their personal and family goals and to take the steps needed to achieve them.

New Foundations Program

The New Foundations Program serves families moving from homelessness to permanent, supportive housing while addressing chemical and mental health issues.


PPL’s onsite support services are available to residents in PPL rental and supportive housing.

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