Why I Support PPL

Questions with Longtime PPL Donor Jim Howard

Fall 2015 Newsletter - Why I Support PPLWhat first drew you to PPL? 

A friend of mine was on the Board and introduced me to PPL over 20 years ago. It wasn’t an organization just collecting money to give to people, but provided services to help people get on their own two feet—that’s what I liked about it.

How do you support PPL?

I was on the Board for 18 years. I had been on the Fundraising Committee and the Education Committee since they were formed, but I retired recently. I donate every year, and try to get friends to do the same. Any chance I get, I tell them that PPL is an organization that’s worthy of their support.

Can you describe the impact you’ve seen PPL have?

One of the clearest revelations I have is from hearing participants tell their stories of success at the annual Achievement Awards event, or at a graduation ceremony for one of the job training programs. Their stories remind me of how my support is helpful to others.

Why do you continue to support PPL?

The organization continues to do an excellent job in fulfilling its mission. The biggest mark of success for PPL would be when their services are no longer needed, but that day seems to be fairly distant. So I help to give others the opportunity to get ahead in this world, and hope that one day they have the chance to do the same.

Your support makes better lives possible. Visit www.ppl-inc.org/how-to-help to learn more.


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